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Public Utilities Board

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Public Utilities Board

Water and Sewer

General Board Orders

These Orders contain important information for regulatory requirements. Municipal staff working with utilities should be familiar with this information.

Board Order No. 93/09: Regulatory Requirements - Rate Setting required due to adoption of the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) standards for local governments

Board Order No. 151/08: Financial Reporting Requirements

Board Order No. 105/04: Water and Sewer Utilities Late Payment Charges

Board Order No. 39/09: Revised Conditions Precedent concerning the disconnection of water and/or sewer services for non-payment of accounts - Service Disconnections

Board Order No. 127/08: The Public Utilities Act General Order - Service Disconnections by Water and/or Sewer Utilities

Board Orders

Water and Sewer

Guidelines and Samples

Non-Municipally owned utilities

Complaint-Based Regulatory Model- Minimum Annual Filing Requirements - Private & Cooperatively Owned Public Utilities-(Co-ops)

Non-Municipally Owned Water and/or Sewer Utilities - Deficit - Form